Sheepfish was born in 2009. It specializes in the fields of Digital Marketing, social media, CRM, Digital Services and Mobile Apps. Specifically, Sheepfish has developed amazing skills in strategy planning, implementing and delivering state of the art technologies. These skills have made Sheepfish a remarkably successful species in the new complex era of Social and Digital world.
Financial Statements

Sheepfish has worked with many brands since it's beginning doing a variety of projects. Digital campaigns & activations, social marketing, mobile apps and many more!

3 Agriniou Str
15232, Chalandri

Tel: 2118002225
Fax: 2118002226

Here is the place where Sheepfish comes for inspiration. It finds grass which is very useful as food for thought and water whick it uses to makes it's ideas cooler. New techniques, modern ways of approaching other species, contact with human, personal evolution … Everything starts in this valley!
Full of life, full of diversity and full of amazing stuff. This is the Lake of possibilities, the richest place in the Land of Sheepfish. Online marketing, mobile apps, web sites, viral campaigns… Everything is here! But with so many possibilities one can lose his way. This is why Sheepfish made this lighthouse for.
And now we come to you, dear Human
We come to the visitor of the Land of Sheepfish and to the user of what Sheepfish has created. Sheepfish's mission will never be completed unless your feedback is positive. This is why the hunting never stops. The user must experience something amazing.
Only then Sheepfish achieves a high score.
This is how we come to the mountain of experience.
All these ideas, the evolution, the efforts and the new experience lead eventually to the last challenge. Here Sheepfish is ready to complere it's misson... to Create New Species and guide them all the way to the top!